OUR Horses

Geysir is a beutiful liver chestnut stallion with an incredible personality. He is owned by Cathy Luo. He's currently ranked first in the United Stated for You Tölt and 4 gait with his young rider, Jackie Harris. He is also first in the National Ranking with Lala for V2 open 4 Gait. Geysir is standing at stud in California this year. Contact us for more info.
Lykill is our latest addition. He is a stunning chestnut stallion with a star/snip/strip. He has unique bloodlines that can't be found elsewhere in the United States. Lykill is owned by Cathy Luo and Lala and is currently preparing for breeding evaluations this fall. He is standing at stud in Kentucky at Taktur Icelandics during breeding season 2020. Contact us if interested.
Lísa is Stjarni's daughter of a beautiful palomino color. She just came from Iceland last summer and is a great teacher for intermediate riders. She is being introduced into our lesson program and we may possibly breed her with Lykill and Geysir in the future. She is owned by Cathy Luo. and we are so happy to have her here with us in the states!
Stjarni is Laura's oldest horse. They have been partners for 10 years, since Laura's graduation from the University of Holar, where Laura performed her final exam by riding Stjarni brideless. He is trained in classical dressage and is schooled in high school movements. Stjarni is one of the stars of the Knights of Iceland team and is still training daily with Lala.
Solsticia is a mare of our own breeding. She is the daughter of Týr frá Árbakka and Rimma frá Saurbæ. She is pitch black , 5 gaited and has lots of pace.(Both her parents had a 9 for pace). She's currently in training and will be evaluated in in 2021.